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    • A 96
Regular corundum with 96% of AL²O³. Grey colour. Good cutting power and elevated resistance to wear and tear.
Mainly used for grinding and trimming of ferrous materials, but also for sharpening normal steel tools and for rectification of alloyed steels.

    • A 98
Semi-superior corundum with 97% and 98% of AL²O³. Pale grey colour. Mixture of regular and high-quality corundum.
Suitable for special jobs when a better finish than that obtained with the A 96 is required, or when more rapid results are necessary.

    • A 99 B - A 99 BR - A 99 RB - A 99 A
Superior corundum with 99,5% of AL²O³. White colour. Very strong abrasive action, but fragile. For all rectification, sharpening and finishing of temperate, high-speed, alloy steel operations. We also manufacture, superior quality corundum grinding wheels orange colour (A 99 BR) pink colour (A 99 RB) and blue colour (A 99 A), for use on special high precision operations.

    • A 99 BS
Special monocrystalline corundum with 99% of AL²O³. Dirty white colour, very high cutting power. Mainly for high precision grinding field and the mechanical sharpening of strongly alloyed steel, sensitive to heat.

    • A 99 R
Superior, pale ruby-red corundum with 99% of AL²O³. Same high cutting properties like A 99 B, but less brittle.

    • A 99 RS
Special ruby red corundum with 2% chromium oxide.
Particularly suitable for high precision works.

    • AC
Special mixture type of abrasive.
Particularly indicated for foundries working cast iron.

    • VC
Silicon carbide, green colour. Extremely high abrasive power, but very brittle. Especially recommended for working on tools made of hard steel, metallic carbides, glass and crystal, marble and granite.

    • GC
Silicon carbide , dark green colour. Less brittle than VC.
Especially used for dressing-off and grinding non-ferrous materials and cast iron.
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